Generators and Power Conversion Technology


Boulder Wind Power has developed an extensive technology portfolio in air core permanent magnet generator electromagnetics, power conversion, structural design, and reliability testing, enabling performance that surpasses traditional iron core generators.

Combining patented technologies including patented printed circuit board stators, flux-focusing magnetic design, and advanced air gap control, BWP generators can deliver industry-leading low cost of torque through simple yet robust structural designs and optimized electromagnetics.


With its portfolio of enabling technologies, Boulder Wind Power has developed a line of generators and power conversion products.

Whether low speed, high-torque designs for onshore sites, or lightweight, large-megawatt designs for floating offshore turbines, Boulder Wind Power generators have been designed to deliver performance.


With no attractive forces between the stator and rotor, Boulder Wind Power’s air core generators achieve the lowest cost of torque, even as the power rating increases.

Coupling these generators with BWP’s power conversion technology, enabled by the use of BWP’s patented printed circuit board stator, the BWP electrical drivetrain delivers more energy at the busbar.